Once upon a time a PHOENIX was born out of the ashes of its own fire, Serpentine, 40x40x30, available
As the phoenix flew across the sky it met the Archangel and it asked for advice on how to live her new life,Springstone,35x30,20cm, sold
The Archangel told the Phoenix: STEP INTO THE LIGHT and show all your colours and shades, Brocardo Mediceo,40x25x20cm, sold
He also said: keep the FIRE OF LIFE always alive, feed it with good intentions, Serpentine, 40x35x20cm sold
and the Archangel said: look for the UNICORN and be open to magic and miracle, Macauba granite, 45x40x15cm, available
in face of difficulties, call on courage and strenght
ONWARDS AND UPWARDS, Zimbabwe Lepidolite, 40x30x30cm, sold 
He also said: celebrate life like a DANCING BRIDE on her wedding night, Serpentine, 40x35x30cm
and follow the RHYTHM OF LIFE going  smoothly THROUGH its circles and cycles, Sicilian Marble, 40x25x25cm
and in the end, wherever you go all your important pieces will come with you
AIRONE, Carrara Marble and silver leaf, 40x40x20cm, sold